Cards for our repair loyalty program, get your tenth repair free*

Melbourne Surfboard Shop is now offering a loyalty program for surfboard repairs.  When you drop off a board for repair, you will receive one of our loyalty cards and a stamp on completion of your first repair.  Each subsequent surfboard repair will gain another stamp.  On the completion of 9 repair services you will receive your next board repair for free*.  The loyalty reward program is currently only available through our Thornbury and Newport stores.

Terms and Conditions
*Melbourne Surfboard Shop will complete repairs up to $150 when you retain your tenth repair.

We welcome friends and family using 1 card to service their groups of boards.

Your tenth repair is considered a tenth 'stamp' and will not be rolled over to the next card assigned.

Each individual surfboard handed in for repair will retain a stamp.

Commissioning the minimum of service is considered eligibility for a stamp.

Multiple repair and reconstruction jobs to an individual surfboard does not constitute multiple stamps. 

Loyalty cards are the property of the customer and Melbourne Surfboard Shop is not responsible for the loss or damage of loyalty cards.

Cards will expire after 1 year of issue.