Channel Islands Fever

This new model was developed to add a new, relatively user friendly & accessible high performance surfboard to the Channel Islands range. The type of board that would work for a broader number of people – rather than just experts & pros.

Created as a collaboration between team rider Patrick Gudauskas and Channel Islands in house shaper Mike Andrews – they grabbed Pat’s favorite features from other high performance models of the past and combined them with a subtle single concave and lower, relatively continuous, user friendly rocker. The combination of these two features has created a shape with a huge sweet spot.

The Chanel Islands Fever also has an outline with less curve, giving it heaps of speed and projection down then line, helping it to pick up speed with ease and chase down those sections that try to get away from you. This speedy outline combined with the moderate continuous rocker vastly broadens the range of conditions and wave types that this performance shortboard works in. Comfortable in anything from 2 foot soft beach breaks to faster, down the line point waves, to overhead hollower & chunkier days. You can ride this board in most conditions from quite average, to where a proper step up is required.

If you are in the market for a high performance all-rounder, this model is definitely worth checking out.

FEVER from CI Surfboards on Vimeo.