Channel Islands Two Happy

Two Happy, a performance shortboard model created by Britt Merrick, is the result of working with Dane Reynolds, Parker Coffin, Mikey February and more. Two Happy takes all the speed, flow and maneuverability of the original Happy but makes it more accessible and user friendly for a broader range of surfers and conditions

With added entry rocker and increased double concave, the Two Happy is looser, rolls rail to rail more easily, and carves better in the pocket.

 Our team describes the board as exceptionally fast, responsive, and under the feet. The fuller rails and wider, thicker tail block provide ease of paddle, ride, and acceleration.

To enjoy all of our state-of-the-art shortboard performance design characteristics packed into one easy-to-ride and accessible board, look no further than the Two Happy.

Surfers included in this video are Dane Reynolds, Eithan Osbourne, Parker Coffin, Luke Swanson, Michael February, Bobby Martinez, Yadin Nicol, Michael Dunphy, Tanner Gudauskas, Sebastian Zietz.