The DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 – an updated version for 2019 of the best selling DHD model we stock. Your ultimate better wave board – purpose built for when conditions have a bit more power and shape. This board covers you from moderate up to quite solid conditions – making it a fantastic board for better than average conditions at home or to take traveling.


The updated version has a slightly thicker/fuller foil through the nose for a little more front foot glide and paddle power. The outline has also been moved a touch further forward which helps with stability for landing late-drops and gives it a drivier outline. The rails have been lowered a little as well for extra hold and control at higher speeds. There is also a touch more entry rocker which helps with steeper drops and critical turns. The Sweet Spot 3.0 features a performance rocker with a nice, tidy rounded pin tail. This not only keeps your turns smooth and catch free but also gives this board greater control in steeper, more powerful waves.


A touch of double concave has been used through the tail of this board to help keep it clean in transition from rail to rail & to help you control the speed the board generates. If you are used to riding a slightly shorter wider board as your normal shortboard then you’ll feel right at home on this board when the waves start getting good. Glassed heavier than standard stock boards for strength and reliability with Innegra re-enforcement & Tiger Claws ridges around the fins and tail.