This Twin Fin model is a super fun user friendly shape for a variety of skill levels - it is a shape that in the right dimensions will work well for intermediate up to the advanced level surfers. The Twin has a fairly flat continuous rocker & extra volume in the nose which makes catching waves on this board a breeze. The straighter rocker in the nose gives excellent speed & acceleration from take off.

The bottom shape of this board is flat in the front end for increased speed and less stickiness – a slight single concave through the guts feeds into a deeper to double with a vee through the last part of the tail. There is a small single channel that runs off each of the side fins too. This is a super fun speedy shape that also has great maneuverability – ideal for surf around 1 to 3 foot surf, it will do a lot of the work for you when the waves are gutless too.

The twin fin set up allows the rider to draw super tight arcs on on smaller wave faces, or use that turning ability to get a bit more creative & draw some different lines in better waves. Bored with more conventional shapes? Something fun for average days? Love 80s twins but would love something a little more contemporary? Definitely check this model out.

Glassing — Standard (4x4x4)
Rocker — Medium to Low
Concave — Single to Double with Vee
Carbon — Carbon Re-enforcements Fin’s & Tail
Fins — Twin Fin *Futures or FCS 2
Add the stabilising fin to test your ability up to 6ft.