Donald Takayama Scorpion 2 Tuflite V-Tech

Takayama Scorpion 2 Tuflite has a wider tail, narrower nose and more rounded out version of the popular Scorpion. This allows the surfer to go a little shorter in board length and can support multiple fin combinations. This board excels in small California style surf to well overhead island-style barrels. It’s a very fast paddler with easy tail control and the Tuflite construction gives it unparalleled durability. The Scorpion 2 Tuflite-PC is a must-have in every surf quiver.

Tuflite Construction

Tuflite is the product of over 15 years of surfboard science focused on one goal; building the toughest, lightest, most responsive surfboards in the world. Built off a shaper’s most renowned shape, each Tuflite represents the highest quality surfboard in its respective range.

To date over 30 master shapers have partnered with SurfTech worldwide to replicate their most sought after shapes, allowing them to spend more time researching, testing and refining their shapes for that next magical design. Check the carbon tail patches, improving strength & flex, fighting off tail cancer in the process.

Consider these boards 20-30% stronger than poly boards, in regards to pressure dings. They are longer-lasting boards that stay new as far as the flex is concerned.