Futures EA Blackstix 3.0 Thruster - Orange

The popular Eric Arakawa fin template in speed generating Blackstix construction.

The EA is a signature template designed by master Hawaiian shaper Eric Arakawa.  Eric has  a reputation for crafting some of the finest surfboards on the planet – this particular fin template is great all-round, well balanced, Medium / Large sized template for those who want a high-performance approach in a variety of conditions.

This fin offers a sweet balance of drive and maneuverability.  It has a  medium sized base that extends through to a medium sized tip – not too raked but not too upright either.  A beautifully well-rounded fin… no wonder its so popular!  Great as an all around Medium sized fin for performance shortboards, or for a bit of extra drive and hold on your step up.

Height: 4.57 in (11.60 cm)
Base: 4.40 in (11.20 cm)
Area: 15.16 sq in (97.81 sq cm)