The Bullseye is Occy’s brand new step down model with JS Industries - designed to be ridden a bit shorter and a touch wider than its big brother (the Raging Bull). Built to give you extra paddle, more glide and earlier entry in to waves, the Bullseye will have you flying down the line. Easily able to traverse flatter faced sections on small wave faces, when you'd be struggling on other other boards.

Many of the design features of the Bullseye have been kept the same as the Raging Bull. The wide point has been pushed a touch further forward and it does have extra foam & area throughout, making it even more forgiving to ride. The nose or entry rocker has ben reduced slightly and combine with other design elements to boost acceleration off the mark.

A touch of vee has been added to the nose to eliminate catch from the wider outline in the front end. This subtle vee lifts the forward rails out of the water in steeper sections, minimizing catch and helps to ensure seamless transitions. A moderate single to double concave runs from the chest out the tail for the speed and lift you need coupled with the easy rail-to-rail transitions. The same tail rocker to the Raging Bull has been used in the Bullseye, with a broader but still pulled-in round tail so you can draw proper shortboard lines and hit sections hard when they present themselves.

The Bullseye is a versatile and user-friendly shape that would be a great board for many in knee high to head high waves.  It has enough versatility that it could also be ridden as a super user-friendly allrounder for those that need a bit more foam. Grab one of these and you won't be lacking for motivation in even the junkiest conditions.