Munoz Ultra Glide Tuflite-PC is stable, fast and manoeuvrable. Experience a throwback to the days when every real surfer knew how to handle 11 or 12 feet of foam with the Mickey Munoz Ultra Glide.

Designed to be stable, fast and manoeuvrable, the Ultra Glide longboard is one of the ultimate longboards.

Early entry into waves, continuous speed through the flats and the ability to go tandem ensure unstoppable fun, no matter what your skill level. Foiled rails give the feel of a thinner board, the subtle concave nose helps accomplish smoother rides, and an advanced forward vee makes it easier to turn.

If you’re trimming down the line or digging in for a power turn, the Munoz Ultra Glide’s foiled rails create the feel of a thinner board. Subtle concave beneath the nose creates lift and stability for smoother nose rides and an advanced forward vee makes it easier to turn when you’re back in the pocket.

No board catches waves as easily as a Munoz – Make the rest of the lineup envious of the beastly paddle power and style of the Munoz Ultra Glide Surfboard.