The NSP Hooligan Longboard Cocoflaxis an aggressive high-performance longboard breaks the rules with quick and dynamic carving, combined with traditional style for intermediate- to advanced surfers. Built with premium award-winning technology. This means the materials used in the construction not only look good; they are also a blessing to the environment.

Rail: Full, tucked edge
Bottom: Concave into Vee
Ideal waves: 1- 6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

– A CocoFlax Hooligan design combines the responsiveness of a narrow shortboard tail plus rail profiles to create a longboard that carves unlimited lines and hits the lip.

– The advanced surfer will appreciate loads of hollowed V under the feet to give quick rail-to-rail turns.

– Show off all your surfing skills with a dynamic shortboard approach to rail to rail carving, then switch modes for classic nose riding and traditional longboard style.

– Use a small single fin for small surf then add side biters and larger center fin as wave size and power increases.

– Bring out your inner surf hooligan, break down the traditional surf style rules and mix things up on the wave with an aggressively modern and classic style!

The Flax version of the Cocoflax Dream Rider comes with a tail patch for additional durability, while the Blue design does without it, tipping the scales a little less.

Verified “Gold Level” sustainable materials
All NSP Cocoflax boards carry the desirable Gold Level certificate, issued by Sustainable Surf. Our ongoing cooperation with them and Harmless Harvest and our commitment to recycling and sustainable manufacturing makes this one of the most eco-friendly boards on the market right now.

Flax rails

As an evolution of the Cocomat boards, the Cocoflax boards are not just built with Cocomat layers, but come with Flax reinforced rails, hardening the rails and increasing the durability of your equipment.

Shaper: Kym Thompson

Tail setup

The Hooligan comes with a center slot and two FCS II boxes for quick fin installation and release. The round tail is a key element in the Hooligan’s unusual agility.