Jack Irvine Series

A collaboration between O&E's proven softboard designs and Jack's wild
graphics. A full range of softboards for groms through to performance.

Jack Grew up surfing in Cronulla and pulling into overhead slabs at Shark Island and The Point. "Surfing and Art are my passions in life and creating feel good art for bands like Skegss or a softboard range are a dream job. Having a board that is part of your quiver just for fun with crazy art is super cool!"

5'6" x 21" x 2 ¾" 40L

Volume: 40L
Core: EPS + 2 Stringers
Bottom: 1mm HDPE
Fins: 4x 4.5" Soft PU
Fin Box: Interchangable Fins
Rider Wgt: <70kg

Features: • Quad Fin setup
Irvine graphics
Interchangeable Fin Box
Compatible with most
dual tab fins