Sharpeye Inferno 72 C1 Epoxy White Rails

The Inferno 72 is the model Sharpeye Surfboards shaper Marcio Zouvi built for the 2021 Stab in the Dark series with Taj Burrow. 

When Marcio was approached to enter a board in the Stab in the Dark - it was hard for him to go past supplying the Inferno 72 considering the brief he was given and it's praise from his teamriders.

The Inferno 72 was one of a few new designs originally built for Filipe Toledo to use in the "The Rumble at the Ranch" competition in 2020.  His favorite of the bunch, Filipe went on to victory on it...the board looked nothing short of electric under his feet.

The Inferno 72 is a tuned up version of the Disco Inferno, a tried and tested QS favorite in Marcio's range. A touch more rocker has been added to the entry and exit for more hold on rail, allowing you to really drive through turns. Designed to surf it's best in small to medium waves, allowing for a proper performance approach.  Universally praised for it's unique 'spark' underfoot - grab one of these and your sure to be impressed.

Far more forgiving than many pro level boards, the Inferno 72 makes a great daily driver for those more intermediate in the right dimensions.