South Coast The 224 OG Single Mustard

Introducing the 224 OG, a game-changing fin that seamlessly blends the best elements of traditional longboarding eras and classic designs. This remarkable upright pivot fin is engineered with a wider base, making it the perfect companion for your pintail or squaretail board. Whether you're drawn to logging, riding heavy square tails, or embracing pivotal surfing, the 224 OG outperforms the competition by offering unparalleled stability and grip while maneuvering along the length of the board.

No matter the conditions, whether you're tackling point-style waves or catching knee to chest-high waves on beach breaks, the 224 OG thrives in every scenario. Embrace the rich heritage of longboarding as you lean way back, effortlessly pivot from the tail, and discover the elusive perfect trim.

Base: 8.5" / 215mm
Depth: ​10" / 254mm