The STOKE-ED is latest of the Italo Ferreira models with Timmy Patterson. Arguably one of the most forgiving high performance models on the market. Timmy has expertly distributed foam from nose to tail to give this model exceptional flow. Making it easier to come out of radical manoeuvres with speed and drive into the next.

The Stoke-Ed has a medium full rail, a lower nose rocker with a bit of extra kick off the tail for release and tighter arcs. The bottom runs from a single to slight double concave that fades into subtle vee off the tail.

Designed to be ridden in waves from the knee high up to the solid overhead & draining. As it is a touch shorter and wider than many HP shortboards - there a little more width in the nose so you don't sacrifice stability and paddle.

Sampling Italo Ferreira's Board In Indo | Timmy Patterson Stoke-Ed by Stab: We like to surf on YouTube