T. Patterson Synthetic 84

The Synthetic 84 surfboard model harks back to the good old days, when Timmy started his first surfboard label "Synthetic Surfboards" in the 1980s. Timmy has taken all the positive aspects of the boards he built back then and incorporated them into a more modern shape for today.  The result is the Synthetic 84 and by all reports is nothing short of magic...

This model has been tested by some of the top surfers from around the globe - it was noticeably under the feet of Italo Ferreira during the Australia leg of the 2021 CT and more recently at the Surf Ranch.



The consensus of all that have ridden the Synthetic 84’ has been nothing but fantastic! As a matter of fact, the “psych meter” went through the roof! As result of such positive feedback, Timmy had to release this one for all of you to try.



This board’s niche is just between an all-out groveller and a high performance shortboard. It’s the missing link we are all looking for - something forgiving and easy to surf in average stuff - that can handle some decent/larger waves if needed.  A board you won't need to change your lines or approach too much.  Think less of that fishy, drifty feel and more of that positive, drivey, on-rail feel of a normal shortboard .

The Synthetic 84 has a lower rocker and the bottom runs flat to a slight single into a slight double and fades into vee off the tail. The deck stays flat with a distinct down rail and beak nose. This rail shape and beak allow for maximum spread of volume. The down rail lets you still sink this higher volume board onto rail in critical sections and off your bottom turns. It has a fuller outline with great glide for connecting sections.  It also really paddles like a demon -so your likely to substantially increase your wave count and ability to battle it out in crowded line-ups.

I'd suggest ordering this board with 1-2 liters of extra volume than your standard shortboard (this will take you down at least 2 inches in length).  The board comes standard with a tri-fin set up.  I'd suggest the appropriate AM template in either FCS II or Futures for most conditions - a Twin plus trailer is also a lot of fun in the small weaker stuff like the Futures T1 or the FCS II MR.

I've been testing out this board for the past couple of months and have really struggled to get off the thing and try anything else.  The best board I have ridden at Urban Surf so far too - Highly recommended!