True Ames Tyler Warren Quad

Updated as of July of 2021, Tyler's Quad set has undergone some further refinement to provide a loose and fluid, drivey feel - allowing for effortless speed. This template is suited to a wide variety of boards and surf conditions.  From wider tailed fish shapes to step-ups, Tyler's Quad set delivers the goods.

Extra area in the front fins provide stability and hold, while the smaller rears allow you to break line with ease - so you can take advantage of all that speed. The front fins are single foil (one side flat the other foiled) while the rears are an 80/20 foil. 

( 4 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible:

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.69" / 119 mm  
BASE: 4.54" / 115 mm
AREA: 15.96"² /  103 cm²

( Back Fins )
HEIGHT: 3.62" / 92 mm  
BASE: 3.67" / 93 mm
AREA: 10.70"² /  67 cm²