Suits Decks 8.25 inches and up.

Venture Trucks – Polished Hi 5.8
Head out with the Venture Polished Hi 5.8 trucks. Boasting some of the sharpest turns on the market, these trucks are super flexible. With a rough, unpolished raw finish and the Venture V hanger mould, they have an old school feel. The Polished Hi 5.8 trucks are suitable for 8.25″ to 8.75″ size decks.

Venture Trucks Features:
Height: 5.5cm
Axle: 21.4cm
Hanger: 5.8″ (Equivalent to Indy 149)
Type: Hi
Bushings: Green
Colour: Raw Unpolished
Suits Decks: 8.25″ – 8.75″

About Venture
Venture trucks first hit the scene back in the 80s. Since then they’ve undergone numerous changes and redesigns. They make a range of hard wearing skateboard trucks in sizes to suit all kinds of setups. While they might not be as well known as some brands, they’ve definitely made a name for themselves. Because Venture Trucks have the sharpest and smallest turning circle they make a great flexible setup. Their team has boasted names like Jack Curtin, Stefan Janoski, Gino Ianucci, Torey Pudwill, Stevie Williams, and Terry Kennedy.