Zak Wannabee

A new model to the Zak range - this board has foam in all the right places, to make sure you are where you Wannabee when paddling, taking off and riding waves.

Forward wide point and thickness for paddle power, glide into waves and drive down the line.  A pulled in outline and reasonable refined in the rail through the tail for control, response and easy maneuvering.

A fairly low rocker throughout for minimal resistance when paddling and plenty of speed when up and riding. There is a little flip in the last few inches of the nose to prevent catching on steep drops and when turning in steeper sections. A smooth, medium rocker curve throughout the tail helps you land later takeoffs and draw tighter arcs in steeper parts of the wave.

Single to double concave with a touch of vee out through the tail will give you plenty of lift and liveliness while assisting you to get and keep it on rail through turns.