The Coffin Lid Quad Fish - Zak's idea was to create a bigger, fish shape with maximum volume with minimal impact on performance.  A fish in the Coffin Lid model series that would allow people to ride a smaller fish that is really easy to throw around and maneuver - but still provide them the extra foam they need.

Utilizing a distinct flat deck that rapidly tapers down to a slimmer, performance rail - this model packs in the foam while retaining the sensitivity and bite of a much smaller board.  The rocker is a fairly standard medium curve and the bottom is a deep single to double concave with a distinct vee through the tail. 

Zak has utilized a quad fin set up with a classic fish outline.  This gives this board plenty of speed, looseness and liveliness but you can still get it on rail and drive it through turns.  You'll be surprised how much squirt and maneuverability you get out of a board of this size.

Get in early, easily skate across fatter and flatter sections then rip into a turn when you get a good section!!