Just in the latest batch of hand shapes from Victorian shaping legend Doug Rogers. Another design generous on foam without sacrificing performance. It can be surfed as an allrounder and should serve you well in a variety of conditions. Like the double flyer, this shape has a fuller foil up front with a classic beaked nose.

This extra foam up front gives you great paddle power and glide once you are up and riding. Thinning out considerably through the back 3rd with nice, sharp refined rails through the tail for bite, sensitivity and maneuverability. The flyer allows a straighter outline up front - for down the line speed and drive off the front foot.

The flyer breaks this straight line providing a distinct pivot point. Helping you to redirect the board with ease. The flyer also reduce the area int the tail - giving you more authority over the board and better grip on the wave face.

This board has a fairly smooth mid to low rocker with a single to double concave bottom with vee running out the last 6 inches of the tail. This bottom contour helps to give you a great balance of speed, lift and maneuverability - making this quite a lively board to surf for it's size.