Zak The Mullet 2.0

Brand new for 2023,  Zak has updated his Mullet fish design.  This version is more of performance fish than classic keel fish design. As a result it has far greater utility & can be surfed in a greater variety of conditions. 

Zak The Mullet 2.0 Concrete pic 2

Zak The Mullet 2.0 Concrete Collage 1

With a more pulled in outline and a quite modern rail, rocker and bottom contour - this board can carve tighter in the pocket and handle more oomph on rail.  Thickness has been generously distributed throughout the shape so it's still nice and easy to paddle and catch waves.

The bottom contour is a fairly generous single concave. There is also a vee that starts within the concave, between the fins and runs through the tail. When combined with the other elements, this board will generate speed where others struggle and have that lively, skatey feel that fish shapes are famous for.  It will also be a little easier than other fish shapes to put on rail & keep it there at speed.

Zak The Mullet 2.0 Concrete pic 1

Zak The Mullet 2.0 Concrete Collage 2

Grab one of these and it's sure to keep you amped to surf, no matter how lackluster the conditions.  Fitted with 3 plugs specifically positioned for a great ride as a twin,thruster or twin with trailer. 

Like All Zak models this board is 100% made in Victoria, glassed with a more robust glass job than standard for extra strength (6+4oz deck & 6oz bottom)