Zak Venus Flytrap

Introducing the Zak Venus Fly Trap—a groundbreaking addition to our surfboard lineup that marries classic charm with cutting-edge performance.

What truly sets the Venus Fly Trap apart is its unwavering commitment to the cherished qualities of glide and trim. Featuring an exceptionally smooth, moderate rocker from nose to tail and exquisitely tuned rails, this board delivers all the benefits of a larger surfboard without sacrificing agility or maneuverability. Say goodbye to the sensation of navigating a tank when making those pivotal turns. With a moderate midlength shape, low entry rocker, and cleverly positioned foam, it's primed to make paddling a breeze while effortlessly maintaining trim speed.

Along with this, the single plus side byte setup allows for precise control and responsiveness in your turns. Whether you're navigating tight barrels or executing smooth cutbacks, you'll feel the board respond intuitively to your every move.