We've finally locked the Victorian shaping icon Michael Anthony in to do some more boards for our racks. Michael has decades of shaping experience and knows local waters as well as anyone. With those waters in mind he has carved us up some foam friendly, but most definitely still performance shortboard shapes for average to excellent waves.

Hand-shaped with care from start to finish. The outline features a little extra width and area up front, with a pulled in round tail. There is plenty of meat along the stringer extending out across the board before abruptly slimming down to a much thinner, medium rail. There is also quite a bit of foam left in the front half of the board with a reasonably refined and thinned out tail for bite and sensitivity.

The bottom contour is a fairly generous single concave that starts way up in the nose. Extending through the guts of the board & then blending to a double concave just in front of the fins. The double then flattens as it runs out back behind the fins. The rocker is a beautifully smooth medium curve (what you'd expect from a shaper with chops like Michael.) A shape that Michael rides himself and has refined over many Victorian Winters.

If you are looking for a new shortboard for the colder months that you can ride as a daily driver, but can handle some serious juice if needed - these are definitely worth checking out.