Docs Pro Plugs Non-Vented

Surfer’s ear is a bony growth within the ear canal caused by persistent irritation of the bone by cold and water. Cold or warm air blowing into a wet ear lowers the temperature due to evaporation which stimulates bony growth. Also the skin’s surface is cooled by conduction, radiation and convection which causes heat loss that triggers bony growth. Once severe, Surfer’s ear often requires surgery which involves drilling out the bony growth.

Doc’s Proplugs is the only earplug that protects the ears from surfer’s ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeping cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. Anyone with severe narrowing of the ear canal can avoid frequent water blockage by wearing Proplugs, the earplug for sports professionals.

Vented plugs are recommended for those surfing due to the need to equalize you ears during and after wipeouts

Non-vented versions of these plugs are  often recommended by Doctors for various different ear conditions

To Size these plugs it is best to come in store and be fitted by one of our staff.  If this is not possible, save and print out the image with the different sizes at 100% - then try and match the person's ear (who will be using them) with the correct size.  You want the plugs to fit snugly so choose carefully

Note: Sizing guide image has been uploaded at true size - simply save a copy to your desktop and print out at 100% size to use