Zak Koniaras shaping a custom surfboard for his brand Zak Surfboards inspiring customs to be purchased through Melbourne Surfboard Shop.




We have noticed a trend with leading surf brands offering an online portal for customised surfboards. While most performance surfers may feel comfortable with the process, we also have come to understand that expert advice is paramount when deciding to commit to your next big purchase. To ensure you make the right purchase we are working with the top surfing brands to offer you the best advice about construction, delivery and turnaround times to get you the best performance from your new surfboard.  Over and above most internet ordering services, Melbourne Surfboard Shop can offer a demo board while your board is being constructed as well as offering future discounts on repairs and hardware by entering you into our rewards program.  Read the information below to see why purchasing your next custom through Melbourne Surfboard Shop is a win / win / win for all involved.




Custom surfboards allow customers to tailor the design, shape, dimensions, and materials to their specific preferences and surfing style. This level of personalisation can enhance performance and overall surfing experience.
A custom surfboard can be shaped to match the surfer's physique, skill level, and surf-scape. This ensures optimal fit and performance, resulting in better manoeuvrability, speed, and control on the waves.



Which Brands Offer Custom Surfboards?

Melbourne Surfboard Shop is working with the leading surfboard manufacturers and localised shapers to offer customs surfboards. From our experience you can expect the best of service from the following brands:


Channel Islands
DHD Surfboards
Lost Surfboards
T. Patterson
Zak Surfboards


We have always supported the network of Victorian Shapers and can always make that connection to get you the perfect Victorian board for your local break.


Zak Koniaras shaping a custom surfboard for his brand Zak Surfboards at The Surfboard Studio, inspiring custom surfboards to be purchased through Melbourne Surfboard Shop.


Melbourne Surfboard Shop - Our Customs

Melbourne Surfboard Shop offers our own in house service for custom surfboard orders. We work with Victorian shapers and glasser's to create customs for the variety of surfing needs. Our Zak Surfboards brand has a range or tried and tested templates which can be modified to your specific requirements. Turn around times will vary with the degree of craftsmanship of each order. Zak Surfboards offers a range of demo surfboards, allowing the customer to trial a certain size, then enabling you to make any desired customisations before a purchase your next surfboard, a very unique pre purchase format in the modern surfboard retail experience.



Specialist Advice

While we understand the temptation to buy direct from brand websites, you risk missing out on some important benefits by supporting your local core board store. The informality of an internet purchase negates some of the benefits that come with expert advice. The staff at Melbourne Surfboard Shop have a combined 80+ year history of selling surfboards and can offer you expert advice on model choice, tweaking dimensions to suit your personal needs and all-important guidance on fin choice.



Packaging And Delivery

Surfboards get damaged in transit, it happens. Single surfboards are more susceptible to unintended damage, but because your board will be shipped by the manufacturer to our shop in larger boxes with other boards, the risk of any damage is minimised. Plus you get to marvel over the finished product with some like minded dudes rather than the DHD delivery guy.



Membership Offers

When ordering your next custom through Melbourne Surfboard Shop, you have the chance to accrue points through our Rewards Program, allowing discounts on future purchases, primary access to promotions and repair benefits. We are currently offering a free tailpad* and a $50 voucher to use on your next repair if you pay upfront for your next custom.