Melbourne Surf emerges as a new entity continuing the work of long-standing independent surf shop, Zak Surfboards. As of December 2020 - all Zak Surfboards ecommerce will shift to this new destination.

After operating through a single door in the northern Melbourne suburb of Thornbury for over twenty years, owner Zachary Koniaras and the close-knit team at Zak Surfboards found themselves looking at ways to expand a business that has been central to the growth in popularity of surfing in Melbourne, despite being an hour’s drive from the closest surfable waves (Melbourne’s Tullamarine wave pool notwithstanding).

The idea of Melbourne Surf is all about furthering a process of community growth which Zak Surfboards had been unconsciously engaged in since its inception in 1999 – bringing together a diverse group of people who all have a love of surfing in the context of a unique geographical situation in Melbourne.

The independent surf shop, Melbourne Surf opens its doors in two bricks and mortar locations - Thornbury and Newport, to serve Melbourne’s burgeoning surf community, and nationally via the Melbourne Surf website.

Zak and the team at Zak Surfboards are working tirelessly for a seamless transition, offering the same customer service and local surf knowledge