Melbourne Surf emerges as a new entity continuing the work of long-standing independent surf shop, Zak Surfboards. As of December 2020 - all Zak Surfboards ecommerce will be solely traded through Melbourne Surfboard Shop.

After operating through a single door in the northern Melbourne suburb of Thornbury for over twenty years, owner Zachary Koniaras and the close-knit team at Zak Surfboards found themselves looking at ways to expand a business that has been central to the growth in popularity of surfing in Melbourne, despite being an hour’s drive from the closest surfable waves (Melbourne’s Tullamarine wave pool notwithstanding).


Interior - Thornbury


Interior / Entrance - Thornbury


Corner of Victoria Rd & Raleigh St - Thornbury


Interior / Window - Thornbury

Hallway of Surfboards - Thornbury


The idea of Melbourne Surf is all about furthering a process of community growth which Zak Surfboards had been unconsciously engaged in since its inception in 1999 – bringing together a diverse group of people who all have a love of surfing in the context of a unique geographical situation in Melbourne.

The independent surf shop, Melbourne Surf opens its doors in two bricks and mortar locations - Thornbury and Newport, to serve Melbourne’s burgeoning surf community, and nationally via the Melbourne Surf website.

Zak and the team at Zak Surfboards are working tirelessly for a seamless transition, offering the same customer service and local surf knowledge.



Exterior looking in at Melbourne Surfboard Shop in Newport

Outside looking in - Newport

Melbourne Surfboard Shop greeting siren

Ocean Siren - Newport


Showing the stocked room at Melbourne Surfboards Shop in Newport

Interior - Newport

The Front display rack with surf accessories and extras at Melbourne Surfboard Shop in Newport

Surf Accessories - Newport