We offer multiple options for second hand surfboards through our Thornbury store.  Our most popular option for someone wanting to re-sell their old board is our second hand consignment programme. Bring in your old board so we can assess its value and get it onto our racks or our online shop ASAP.  Don't waste your time with gumtree or Facebook we have it covered for you.




Choose from either of our commission rates when using our second hand surfboard consignment programme.


Upon the boards sale, we acquire a 10% commission on the agreed sale price of the board. The remainder of the earnings are transferred to a store credit.


Upon the boards sale, we acquire a 20% commission on the agreed sale price of the board. The remainder of the earnings are able to be passed on as an EFT transfer.

There is a $40 administration fee for placing the board onto our online store, payable at the time the board is dropped off.

A fee of $20 will also be charged if your board requires cleaning/de-waxing.

If you require any repairs to be done to the board, these must also be paid for at the time the board is lodged.




  • Melbourne Surfboard Shop (MSBS), trading under its parent company Trumpet Head Pty Ltd (ACN 618 317 650), is licensed under the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1989. Registration #SHD-0015947.
  • Once the customer elects Option 1 or Option 2 they cannot change their choice.
  • All payouts are made by EFT bank transfer – no cash payments.
  • Board will be added to our online store within 7 days of being consigned – except in the instance where boards require dewaxing/cleaning and/or repairs.
  • Consignment boards may be placed on lay-by. The owner of the board will receive their store credit or EFT payment once that transaction is completed. In no circumstance will the payout occur prior to this.
  • All boards you want to sell must be de-waxed and cleaned (A $20 dewaxing/cleaning fee applies if not cleaned). This must be paid for upfront.
  • All dings must be fixed & watertight prior to listing, without exception. If you require us to repair your board, repairs must be paid for upfront.
  • Surfboards are listed for consignment at MSBS entirely at the owner’s risk. MSBS assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred while the board is on consignment.
  • The surfboard(s) may be discounted at the discretion of MSBS management.
  • *Market valuation of board is subject to review by MSBS management. If the board is deemed to be over-valued, you will be contacted prior to being put online and placed in store for sale.