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Fins choices for URBNSURF

What fins should I use in the pool at URBNsurf?

After many sessions in the pool, on their various settings, plus discussions with a significant number of customers - trends have emerged in favor of certain fin constructions and designs for URBNsurf.

There are a few main factors that have guided me in these recommendations - I'll break it down for you in the following paragraphs.

The pool has a tighter transition than local waves

(steeper & more pockety)

There is no need to chase down sections in the wave pool.  As a result I choose a fin shape that has a tighter turning circle that I'd generally use in the ocean (especially on flatter rockered boards).  This will help you fit more turns into each wave, prevent catching rails through turns & allow you to draw the arcs you want on this tighter transitioned wave.


I recommend Performer or Reactor templates / fin families from FCS or a Neutral (F6 F8) or Pivot (P6 or P8) templates from Futures.

I you are riding a full high performance shortboard that already has a pretty tight arc and don't want to ditch your beloved FCS II MF's - I'd suggest swapping out the back fin for something more upright.  This will subtly tighten the turning circle of your board allowing you to pull it round in turns a little quicker, easier and cleaner.

The bottom is concrete & contact with the bottom is common

(especially towards the end of each wave and on the way in)

If you are thinking of using your top of the range fins in the pool be warned - you won't be the first to leave the water with ground down edges on your Futures JJ-2 or FCS II PC Carbon fins.

Fins choices for URBNSURF - Futures Alpha Series

I usually sub out my more expensive fins for cheaper Alpha Series fins from Futures or Neo Glass from FCS.  These constructions don't chip or scuff as easily - plus these are significantly less expensive, so I'm less concerned about damage to them.

Fins choices for URBNSURF - FCS II Neo Glass

The chain-link fence, underwater, by the wave generator has a knack of dislodging or scuffing fins.

If you have FCS II boxes in your board, we strongly recommend using grub screws in them.  If you don't have any of these handy we sell Grub Screw Packs in store.

Anyway - hopefully you find this helpful.  For fin or other surfing equipment recommendations feel free to get in contact with our store or drop by for a chat with our knowledgeable staff.