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IJ Shapes (Isaak Jagoe) 2022 Quiver of 3 Models Now in Store.  All Round, Step Up & Fish
Isaak Jagoe with his display of Fish Surfboards at Melbourne Surfboard Shop

We recently received the latest quiver of boards from Victorian shaper Isaak Jagoe of IJ Shapes.  All boards are hand-shaped, made here in the back streets of Melbourne at The Surfboard Studio.



"These are a design I’ve been working on over the past 18 months - 2 years. An everyday shortboard that works in a variety of conditions. It features a semi staged rocker with a medium amount of nose and tail flip, accompanied by a medium boxy rail and single to double concave. These attributes give this board a large sweet spot that excels in waves shoulder height and up, perfect for the waves we get on the coasts both sides of Melbourne and the pool."

Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes
Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes


"This design is probably the board I've sold most of with great feedback. It features a low-medium rocker throughout, with a single concave running into a channel out the tail, this makes the board incredibly fast from the get go. It has a medium rail on it for a forgiving feel and a generous amount of foam for easy surfing. Designed to be used with upright twins with a trailer in, to give a pivot point off the back foot. Use this board in waves under shoulder height in any sort of conditions."

Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes
Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes


"I’ve been tweaking this step up design for a while now, which is my go to design for someone wanting hold in bigger faces/ hollow waves. It features a medium nose rocker and a lot of tail lift, accompanied by a slightly forward wide point and foam under the chest. This allows the rider to get into waves early and fit inside a curvier face. It features a single to double concave and medium boxy rail for a forgiving feel when transitioning through turns. Comes standard with a heavier glass job."

Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes
Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes


Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes recent step ups and shortboards ready for an Indonesian Surfboards Safari
Isaak Jagoe / IJ Shapes - Fish Surfboards
Nice quiver of all-round shortboards and amazing step-ups ready to go for your coming indo trip. 

Also checkout these fishes with all the bells and whistles. Tinted cutlaps with coloured decks, double resin pinlines and glass leggie loops. Absolute amazing boards.