Zak Koniaras shaping a custom surfboard at Melbourne Surfboard Shop.

Are you after a custom board from one of our premium manufacturers? While we understand the temptation to buy direct, you risk missing out on some important benefits by supporting your local core board store.

Our staff can give you expert advice on:

  1. Model choices,
  2. Best dimensions to suit your personal needs and what you will need to tweak, and
  3. Guidance on fin choice.

In addition, because your board will be shipped to our shop in larger boxes with other board from the same manufacturer the risk of any damage is minimised.  Also you will accrue rewards points in our
membership program for future discounts.

But that’s not all – if you pay upfront for your next custom we will include a free tailpad* and a $50 voucher to use on your next repair!  

*Selected tail pads only.

Supported Brands include:
Channel Islands
DHD Surfboards
Lost Surfboards
T. Patterson
Zak Surfboards