Captain Fin Co. Tyler Warren 5-Fin Single Tab Sea Foam

The Tyler Warren 5-fin is a large template with a classic outline that allows for thruster and quad options. Ride them as thruster for powerful turns in the pocket or go with the quad option to loosen it up a bit.

"This is a well-rounded set of thrusters that allow plenty of drive with slightly larger side fins and a smaller trailer fin for release. The quad set allows for plenty of drive and control while still allowing for a loose feeling"

-Tyler Warren

• Size: Large 175+

• Compatibility: Futures

• Construction: Fiberglass

• Flex: Stiff

Front Fins - Height: 4.74 Base: 4.56 Area: 16.39 Foil: Flat
Center Fins- Height: 4.49 Base: 4.42 Area: 14.71 Foil: 50/50
Quad Rears - Height: 4.13 Base: 4.2 Area: 13.08 Foil: 80/20