Channel Islands Happy Traveler

If you are looking for a good wave board, bigger wave board, or all-in-one exploration and adventure board, the Happy Traveler is it! Proven in some of the most dreamy and serious surf, the Traveler is pretty much a one board travel quiver. It takes the proven rocker curve of the Happy and tunes it for when a step-up is desirable due to size, power, or quality of waves.

In pumping surf, you need to be able to control and harness speed rather than merely create it. The Traveler’s decreased concave between the fins, straighter pulled in outline in the back third, and leading fin’s placement closer to the rail optimise hold and control in quality surf. This allows you to surf with more confidence and freedom because you're more connected to and seated in the wave face. When all the work is done, you’ll be thinking less and feeling more as you surf some of the best waves of your life.

The Happy Traveler maximises your paddling power and ability to catch waves with more thickness carried in the forward deck and rail, and a fuller outline in the front third of the board. These same characteristics make the board perform exceptionally well in the barrel. If the swell drops, the Happy rocker still gets the job done and proves to be the single board you need in your quiver.


CI Surfboards New Step-up: Happy Traveler from CI Surfboards on YouTube