Channel Islands Twin Pin

A collaboration between Britt Merrick and Mikey February, the Twin Pin is a new & versatile twin-fin design.  A twin fin that can truly have you covered from mushy 2ft windswell to solidly overhead barrels.

Mikey and Britt wanted to create a board that had all the fun and freedom of a twin, with enough drive and grip for curvier, powerful waves.  This board is really an all-rounder.  Grab one of these and you'll be able to rip almost anything that comes your way.

The Twin pin has a fuller foil up front with a slight beak (so should be a great paddler with that extra thickness up there).  The deck is reasonably domed so I wouldn't describe it as a full rail, particular as it slims down towards a the tail.  There it it quite refined and sharp rail back there for bite and control.

The bottom contour is fairly neutral through the front half of the board.  A subtle vee starts well in front of the fins getting deeper out the tail. This is to give you a responsive yet settled, solid feel underfoot. With ultra smooth transitions from rail to rail. 

If you plan on riding this model in smaller, HP sizing - then it is recommended that you use larger area twin fins, bordering on keels.  Britt has designed a special twin fin template that sits perfectly between a keel and upright (Britt Merrick Twin Pin Fin). Which provides the right balance of drive, hold, and maneuverability. 

If you are riding this in a bigger, less HP sizes (or in smaller waves only), then a larger upright twin like the Futures EN, the True Ames Album Gemeni the Captain Fin Tyler Warren or Chippa Wilson would be my pick.  The upright will stop it from getting overly sticky, tighten up your turns a touch & free up your choice of lines you can draw on it.

Britt advises that this board can can be ridden with a variety of approaches and at various different skill levels. Mikey February surfs a 6’0” shortboard and likes his Twin Pins at 5’9” and 5’11”. Tanner Gudauskas likes his the same length as his normal shortboard for Trestles.  While Britt likes to ride his a couple of inches longer than his shortboards, particularly on bigger days & at point-breaks like Rincon.