Channel Islands Merrick / Gudauskas 2 + 1 Twin Fin Set Black/White

CI's progressive twin-plus-trailer fin set up focuses on a rakey, performance orientated template that offers the freedom of a twin, but the reliability of a thruster set up. The MerrickGudauskas 2 + 1 was created by utilizing the front curve of the BMT but we shaped in a narrower base with a sleek trailing curve and a high-performance tip to deliver next-level drive and control through turns. 

This 2+1 set’s foil and template accelerates down the line without compromising stability throughout turns so you can boost or slice with total confidence.



Side Fins: Depth: 5.20", 132mm, Base: 5.25", 133.5mm. 

Centre Fins: Depth 3.15", 80mm, Base: 3.38", 86mm