Creatures of Leisure Hardwear Longboard Day Use DT2.0 Military Black

Your tools of the trade need to be reliable. Hard wearing, always working, ready to perform. As a nod to the dependability of that tradesman work ethic, we've built a collection of ultradurable boardcovers with a workwear feel and quality fittings. Because even though were Creatures of Leisure, we still all sweat to get the job done.

HardWear Heavy Duty Canvas - weather-resistant
FOAM Protection - 5mm closed cell
Expandable Sidewall - FOAM 5mm closed cell
Marine-Grade corrosion resistant zips
Aero Mesh Ventilation System - to keep boards cool
Fin slot
FOAM Padded handle - for carrying comfort
Stash Shoulder Strap - FOAM 10mm padded
Industry-leading 2-year warranty