DHD Utopia

When Mick and DH were designing the MF Twin they experimented with many new ideas - outlines, rockers, concaves and fin measurements.  There were some mad scientist moments but along the way not only did they find the MF Twin but they also discovered ‘UTOPIA’.

This was the one board Mick just kept coming back to... for its speed. it was the fastest board he has ever ridden.

In research stages DH also made one for his team-rider Liam, who also praised it as the fastest and most stable board he has ever ridden. Liam rode ‘UTOPIA’ in the us open to a quarter final result. The design is getting rave reviews from all DHD team riders and is going to be a game changer!

Mick Fanning DHD Utopia Air Shot

What makes this board so good is the combination of the flatter rocker and subtle concave under the front foot.  When combined with a wider nose and super squash tail, it glides from section to section effortlessly and is controlled throughout turns.  The fins are clustered together more like a twin - to keep your turning radius tight. This board has speed and moves a lot of water. It creates less drift giving it maximum power & control from turn to turn.

Caution: These boards are made for high performance surfing.


Glassing — Stock lite glassing (4x4 x 3/4 OZ)

Rocker — Flat entry rocker into a slight tail lift

Concave — Deep single into slight double concave

Rails — Medium

Other — Tiger claws over fins for strength & durability

Tail — Squash tail

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures