Doug Rogers Handshaped Midlength

We are bringing back the artisan and craftsmen at Melbourne Surf Board Shop, beginning with this beautiful range of handshaped midlengths from Torquay-shaping royalty, Doug Rogers.

Featuring a beak nose, boxy rails, pintail and deep vee in front of the fins, these handshapes are the perfect blend of midlength curves.

A relatively straight outline gives this board a heap of glide and projection down the line while the boxy rail provides stability and a safeguard against catching edges when the waves are gutless. Counteracting the boxy rails is the deep vee running through the back half of the board (deepest just in front of the fins) which allows the board to roll from rail-to-rail with ease. The vee also enhances the tail rocker slightly, allowing the board to fit closer to the pocket. Finally, the pintail adds to this boards amazing glide by extending the rail line slightly while also providing hold and control in bigger, more powerful consditions.