Introducing the PG Pro Collection: Some of most popular FCS Il templates from the world's best surfers and shapers have now been constructed in Performance Glass material. This collection is designed for advanced surfers who have a committed, powerful approach to every turn in bigger waves.

Mick's signature fin template delivers a dynamic, yet very controlled feel when performing powerful turns. Ideal for power surfers who like to snap hard off the top and carve long roundhouse cutbacks. This fin provides maximum drive.

They are suited to open-face, down-the-line waves and are particularly good in point and reef breaks. Recommended for performance shortboard with moderate to extreme rocker.

"They just feel solid under your feet. They're made from solid fibreglass, they're stiff, and you can put as much power into the turn and the fins will hold that power and deliver it back to you in speed and acceleration. I use these PG fins when the waves are a bit bigger and I need that feeling of control in those critical moments when I'm committed to attacking every section." - Mick Fanning