FCS II PG Split Keel Quad Fin Set

Specialty Split Keel quad fin set. This high area quad keel set adds bite and control to hybrid boards with wide tails, without sacrificing pivoting capabilities.  A great fin choice for retro & more contemporary shapes with broad tail shapes.

Side Fins

Base: 4.​​63" / 1​​17.4mm
Depth: 4.​​79" / 1​​21mm
Area: 1​​9.27"² / ​12432mm²
Sweep: 44.8º
Foil: Flat


Quad Rears

Base: 4.​​​03" / 1​​​02mm
Depth: 4.​​​40" / 1​​​12mm
Area: 12.63"² / ​8150mm²
Sweep: ​28.5º
Foil: 80/20