FCS II Pyzel PC Tri Fins

Pyzel's signature fin sits in the Performer family. This all-round fin has a long base and narrow tip meaning it has plenty of drive off the bottom and it will also release easily off the lip.

“We’ve designed a fin with lots of drive and speed that’s still really loose and can be surfed in a range of conditions. It’s not just a fin for my boards, its super versatile across many different designs” - Jon Pyzel  

Tech Specs


Base: 4.53 in, 115 mm
Depth: 4.61 in, 117 mm
Area: 15.21 sq in, 9813 sq mm
Sweep: 33.4°


Base: 4.64 in, 118.1 mm
Depth: 4.7 in, 120.1 mm
Area: 16.03 sq in, 10347 sq mm
Sweep: 33.4°