Fine Surfcraft Pilsner

We are stoked to welcome the Fine Surfcraft label to Melbourne Surf Board Shop.  Years of refinement have gone into the model now known as the 'Pilsner'  Andrew Warhurst's signature shape.

Like a lot of Andy's "logs", the Pilsner is inspired by the 1966-67 involvement era of surfing. The wide point has been set back from the center, with foiled out rails and the perfect placement of foam, roll and concave for quick turns and seamless trim.

An extremely user-friendly board to ride (for this style of longboard) - the Pilsner will cover you really well in quite a broad range of conditions.  The subtly straighter outline through the tail helps to hold line when the waves start getting into that shoulder high range. This outline combined with the upturned rail helps you slash harder and sit tighter in steeper pockets.

In waves on the smaller end of the scale, you'll find that the Pilsner has great stability when walking and allows you to camp out on the nose through steeper and trickier parts of the wave where other designs fail.  On rail you can really unleash for tight, slashing turns with excellent control.

Drop by the shop and check these out - they look epic.

(Fin included in the price)