$750.00 $1,095.00
Firewire El Tomo Fish LFT
El Tomo Fish from Firewire & Daniel Thompson - a shape that is a modern take on the classic Tomo Fighter Jet Fish from a few years back. Purpose built to shred waves in the small to medium range. This thing will have you speeding all over the wave face while others struggle. The type of shape that is so fun and lively that you won't be struggling for inspiration to get wet. Even when conditions are really lackluster - this board will get you amongst it.

The El Tomo Fish features a somewhat traditional fish outline - with plenty of surface area broken by a wing or flyer closer to the tail. The rocker is also moderate, no radical flips and fairly standard for a fish design. This is where comparisons to most other boards end though. There are many elements infused into the shape that you would recognize from other Tomo designs. The bottom contour is Tomo's signature multi-concave hull design for plenty of lift with smooth, speedy, positive feeling transitions.

The bump wing, double diamond tail gives the El Tomo Fish fantastic ability to break line and go vertical. High-performance, top to bottom lines are much more natural on this shape compared to other fish designs. The combo of wing and tail shape allows the board to freely release off rail and draw those tighter arcs for a more vertical approach.