Firewire Machado Mashup Helium

Two minds combined for this new Firewire model.  Rob Machado & Dan Mann have combined forces to create the Mashup.  A melding of each of their most popular designs - the Seaside & the Spitfire.


Both of these board designers have spent a solid amount of time time mixing and matching their favorite elements of each shape to come up with this new, ultra-versatile craft.  They've landed on a design that creates plenty of its own speed (goes fast in weak waves - like the seaside) but has greater ability to break line and go vertical (like the Spitfire).


The Mashup is really the ultimate everyday board - it'll handle the grovel or some juice.  Grab one of these and you probably won't need to check the conditions before you surf.


Constructed in the Firewire Helium Technology