Firewire Special T Thunderbolt

Aimed at a more traditional longboarding approach - with a focus towards more trim, glide and speed

Developed by Firewire shaper  Dann Mann in collaboration with multiple World Longboard Title winner Taylor Jensen, aimed at a more traditional longboarding approach. Compared to the other longboards in the Firewire Range – this model has a much flatter rocker with a focus towards more trim, glide and speed. The rails are a more traditional 50/50 curve throughout the majority of the board, leading into a tucked edge in the tail.  This helps the board trim and sit comfortably in the curl, with the tucked edge making this board a bit more forgiving & easier to turn than many edgeless traditional shapes.There is a slight concave in the nose which helps the board sit on top of the water when noseriding.  The Firewire Special T has an area pin tail which encourages smooth turns, holds in well in the curl & helps  counter balances you while you are on the nose.A nice easy surfing traditional longboard or log – no excuses to not get wet when you have one of these in the quiver.

* please note the 8'0" & 8'6" are 2+1 fin set ups, the longer sizes are single fins