Futures Coffin Bros Medium FG Thruster Fin Set - Red/Black

The Coffin Bros. Control Series is one of the latest fin designs from Futures, developed over the past 18months with the brotherly duo Conner and Parker Coffin.

This is the largest fin in Futures Medium range sitting nicely between the AM1 & AM2 templates.  There is also a little less difference in size between the side fins and the center fin (compared to the AM templates) meaning less release during the last third of your turns.  The solid fiberglass construction also delivers a consistent flex pattern with a great combination of responsiveness and predictability underfoot.

This fin release is the first time that Futures have created a signature fin designed and tested with two team riders simultaneously. For those unfamiliar, Conner, the older brother and Championship Tour standout - celebrated by his peers for his distinct, full throttle, on-rail approach.  Connor trusts the design to suit the highest level of competitive surfing in a variety of conditions on tour. Parker, the free-surfing goofy-foot with a more gymnastic, tail free approach trusts the design to suit any, and all conditions he finds at home and on the road filming.

A worthy all-round fin in performance shortboards for those that usually ride M or L fin templates.  This fin would also be a great choice in a narrower tailed step up for those that usually like the AM2 template.


Side Fins:
Area 15.10", Height 4.58", Base 4.55", Foil - Flat
Center Fin:
Area 14.76", Height 4.53", Base 4.50", Foil - SYMM

  • Template Category | Rake (drawn-out, drive)
  • Construction | Fiberglass
  • Ride Number | Speed Control – 3.4
  • Size | Medium