Futures Jordy Large HC Thruster Fin Set

The brand new Jordy Smith Signature fin - hot on the heels of the Legacy Series. Jordy was inspired by the look of the Rake Large template and asked for a set with a smaller center fin. The start of 2019 was his window to test them and from the first sessions in Mozambique, the fin felt like a winner. With a black tonal camo pattern for vibe, Jordy will be taking this fin to battle.

Raked side fins for heaps of drive and control at high speeds. The smaller back fin loosens these up a little, allowing for tighter arcs and release through turns. These are sure to be a winner for performance shortboards and would be a definite hit with those who like the AM2 template, but want a touch more hold and control.

Side Fins:
Area 15.92"
Height 4.68"
Base 4.65"
Foil Flat

Side Fins:
Area 15.29"
Height 4.49"
Base 4.56"
Foil Symm