Futures Merlot I.L.T Fin Box 1/2" (Centre/Quad Trailers)

Future fin boxes are the most user friendly and strongest removable fin system available on the market. The system offers all the positive features of removable fins, while providing better performance than glass-on fins.

Futures is proud to make the lightest and strongest fin system in the world! Their proven full-base system now features Interwoven Laminate Technology (ILT). These cut outs in the flange create an even stronger bond to the skin of the board by allowing the resin to weave itself between the surfboard and fiberglass skin.

Full Base - The fin is connected to the board along the entire base. This amounts to 60% more attachment than plug systems.

Flange – The flange around the box creates surface area that strengthens the bond to the fiberglass which is the where the strength of a board comes from.

The patented design makes for the quickest and easiest installation process available

3/4" boxes for side fins on a Thruster or Tri
1/2" boxes for center fins on a Thruster or Quad Rears