Futures Pipe Gun G10 Thruster Fin Set FG

The Futures Pipe Gun Tri fin set was developed with steep, powerful waves in mind with assistance from the Futures North Shore team.  To help them achieve a smooth and stable ride at Pipe speeds they needed a special fin that would help them handle & harness the raw ocean energy involved in surfing that break.   The popular John Carper JC1 was used as a starting point for developing this unique shaped fin.   Specific changes were made to create a new template that would react as intended in heavy situations.  This new template combined with a stiff pure fiberglass construction  and a modified tow foil is the end result.

Height: 4.58" (11.63 cm)
Base:   4.37" (11.10 cm)
Area:  15.05" (97.10 cm)