Lost Step Driver

Simply put, the Step Driver is a high-performance step-up, directly evolved from the Driver 2.0.

Designed for the highest level of performance surfing, where critical manoeuvres and tube riding meet. Meant to be ridden 1-2” (or more, if customised) longer, similar width and a bit thicker, than a Driver 2.0 or similar HP shortboard, the Step Driver rides like a seamless transition from your everyday board, without sacrificing performance for control.

Tested and proven in powerful surf around the world, by WCT surfers such as Olympians, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks, as well as Griffin Colapinto, Yago Dora and free surfers like Mason Ho and Ian Crane and up-and-comers like Crosby Colapinto and Eli Hanneman. It’s a one-stop-shop, for the needs of the entire Lost team.

The Step Driver allows surfers to ride larger, more powerful and more challenging waves as if they were head high and playful, on a board that is usually only 1-2” longer than their everyday board. Anyone with a Driver 2.0 in their quiver (or similar high-performance shortboard), who is looking for that perfect board to transition to when the waves get special (or if you’re lucky to live somewhere like Hawaii or Indo, where these waves are the norm) will be pleased to have the Step Driver in their arsenal.

Using the Driver 2.0 as a starting point, design elements and adaptations include:

  • Increased tail rocker, blended smooth, to fit the curve of and control speed in larger, powerful and/or hollow waves.
  • A significantly shallower single concave throughout, which reduces lift and smooths out the rail line, to stay stable and settled in the water at high speeds.
  • A pronounced double concave, cutting through the extra tail rocker, for retaining speed and spice through turns.
  • Increased forward thickness, for drive and paddling power, with a lower volume, tapered rail, flowing into a thin, sharp and boxy performance tail, for locked-in, full rail engagement, when turning at high speeds.
  • Less width in the rear 1/3 of the outline overall. While retaining enough surface area under the rear foot to continue with proper, vertical performance surfing (not just a tube shooting gun).
  • The tail is pulled in, with plenty of curve, to keep loose and a defined, slight “pin" in the last few inches, behind the rear fin, for bite and control, allowing confidence when doing turns in critical sections, rather than running to the shoulder.

The Step Driver is the ultimate tool to carry when travelling to find good waves or to have on hand when the local spots are firing on all cylinders.