Pyzel Ghost

A high performance board that works fantastically well once the waves have a little more juice. Originally designed to excel in steeper & hollower waves, the Ghost has proven to be quite a bit more versatile than you’d think. A board that certainly doesn’t lack drive underfoot, with pretty decent wave catching ability for a board its size. The refined rails and pulled in tail allows you to hold you line with ease, as well as turn with control in steeper parts of the wave at speed.

Coupled with the right fins, this board is heaps of fun to ride in more average conditions as well. Despite its pulled in tail, this board is still loose and maneuverable enough to throw down in less than cranking waves – an addition to you quiver than is certain to get used regularly (& not just on the best days of the year).

This model has become one of JJF’s go-to’s for bigger surf, riding it to victory at Margaret River in 2017 and into the sky that same year with his Bells Alley-Oop, more recently to victory at stormy Bells 2019. Not just a model for the pros – in the right dimensions, the Ghost is a great board for those of us that are less physically gifted – a board that excels in down the line point waves, reef breaks, or dumpy beachies with a bit of push. An excellent travel board when heading to zones with above average waves.

Width and thickness have been placed perfectly under the chest making the Ghost an excellent wave catcher. It's refined rail & tail mean that you can definitely order this board thicker and wider that you would normally surf. Despite its paddle power and pulled in tail the Ghost differs from many step-ups in its ability to maintain a shortboard feel through turns. This gives it a much better wave range & broader use in a variety of conditions - not just for when it's pumping you'll get plenty of use out of it in less than ideal conditions as well.

The roll of the deck, refine rail and pulled-in tail means that you can definitely get away with riding this board a fair bit wider, thicker & heavier on volume than other boards. As a general rule, you would probably want to add at least 1-2 liters of flotation depending on the dimensions you ordinarily ride. I personally ride it nearly 1/2″ wider, a 1/4″ thicker, 1.5L more volume and it’s still the most responsive board in my quiver (by far the best paddler as well).

In the quiver of several of our staff members & regulars, by all reports an A+ design

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